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Frequently asked questions

Making a Purchase?

Before making a purchase of our item/products please refer to the size charts on each product page to help minimise further returns and unnecessary future processing when buying.

After an order has been placed for an item/product we will check availability for your item/product then contact you to let you know that we have received your order. We will then send a confirmation email to let you know that your item has been dispatched.

We aim to dispatch all item/products within 2-3 working days of placing an order. In the event that an item is not available we will contact you to let you know and also decline your order. We will issue a notice as to when the item/product will be readily available for purchase again.


We strongly advise you to keep in mind that it may take up to 1-3 working days before any product is dispatched after a transaction is processed. An email will then be sent to let you know that your product has been dispatched. All method of shipment within the mainland will be processed through Royal Mail.

By default the billing address is set up as your shipping address. If you require a product to be shipped to another address apart from your billing address, please specify your new shipping address at the checkout options.

If you are placing an order outside the UK we recommend that you contact us firstly at [ info@underratedgb.com ] to do so to be able to set up the best possible option of shipping.

We are not liable for

  1. Import tax or customs payments placed by your order.

Product Returns?

At this stage we cannot guarantee returns. All items are quality checked for faults before shipping. Should you request an exchange we will do so considering the item has not been discharged from the polythene plastic packaging.

We do however prefer that you contact us first at info@underratedgb.com to relay your reason as to why you are returning or exchanging the item/product. Only then will we issue the correct return address information to fulfil your enquiries.

Any item/products you return to us should be done in recorded delivery provided with a tracking number. This also applies to overseas returns. Any item/products lost in shipment from customers without providence of a tracking number or by recorded delivery will not be accounted for by uNDERRATED.

We are not liable for

  1. any shipment that is not placed under a tracking number

  2. or loss of product through shipment without tracking number will not be in our resposibility. We kindly advise the use of tracking to be able to keep up with overseas shipment to reduce such problems should they arise.

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Our team has dedicated video editors and creative social media content creator that serves up explorative ideas and concepts for your pojects. Whether you work directly withing the British Basketball scene or you require general sports or filming services, we are here to deliver our creative graphic media to you. Contact us through our website or via E-mail, we're happy to get involved in your projects

We are dedicated to provide premium British Basketball social media content. Wether its video editing or our illustrative graphic designs we are inspired to create.