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Riders' Ceejay Hanson's takes over the 3rd quarter

The EABL summer showcase has brought some life back into the excitment of junior basketball with the division of 15 elite teams across two conferences North and South for the mens and 13 teams for the womens respectively. We've been eagerly waiting to get amongst coaches, new players and teams that we have yet to cover.

Our most recent coverage was Charnwood Riders V Sheffielf Elite. What started out as an even playing feild for both teams slowly slipped away from Sheffield in the 3rd quater.

We have to give Charnwood Riders' Ceejay Hanson the game ball as he had a solid game production throughout the game especially in the 3rd quarter where he scored 11 points. Hanson would end the game with 14 Pts, 7 Reb, 4 Ast & 4 Stl.

Click the Instagram link to see his performance. Link here.

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