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Sheffield Elite is The First British Team To Compete In The U20 European Girls Basketball League


he Sheffield College becomes the first British team to compete in the U20 European Girls Basketball League. Sheffield will travel to Tallin, Estonia and will go up against Finnish Team Helmi Basket on 28th October 11:30am Estonian time. Stage 1 will take place over two days stage comprising of 6 teams SBS Ostrava, Liepājas Sporta Spēļu skola, Haga, Norrköping Dolphins and Georgia.

Stephanie Oliver of The Sheffield College will be experiencing her first U20 basketball game outside country. Speaking on new experience, we asked her what she’s mostly looking forward to playing in the European Girls Basketball League,

“I’m really looking forward to playing against new players who have competed at a higher level than me, I am also looking forward to the new playing environment and the fact it is in a big arena.”

For anyone who plays very competitive sports, playing in new environment and new teams can create a great challenge and impact how we deal with nervousness. When asked about playing in places not common to her this is what Stephanie had to say,

I do get a little nervous when travelling to new places and new environments but hopefully they will settle once I’m in the arena […] my biggest challenge has probably been getting used to a completely new team and learning how we all play and figuring out as individuals what our strengths are”.

Stephanie enjoys listening to Adele as part of her game day routine, a favorite track of hers before tip off is “to be loved”.

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