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Top Conference Scorers in WEABL Week 2

Week two in the WEABL produced a number of high-volume sorcerers in both north and south conferences. In the south conference, John Madejski Academy had four players in double figures with Jessie Ford leading the team with 19 points, Eva Luzon’s 12 points, Saioa San Francisco’s 12 points and Elana Matheson with 10 points.

Itchen’s Faye Endean put up the highest individual performance in the south conference with 25 points.

Funmi Amode’s 18 points lead the scoring for City of London Academy with their win against Oaklands College and Daisy Porter’s 18 points

In the north conference, Nottingham Wildcats Academy were heating things up With Macy Cook’s outstanding performance of 24 points against Moulton College. Notable mentioned should be placed on Egharevba’s 22 points and Natalie Charity’s 20 points for the Wildcats.

Charli Wroe was the leading scorer in both conference combined with her 29 points win over Sheffield College and their leading scorer Steph Oliver’s 14 point game.

Here are the top scorers from each conference. Who impressed you most?

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