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EABL Undefeated Run

SGS College Remains the only team in North Conference undefeated in 4-0 win start. Itchen 4-0 & Abbey 3-0 are the two South Conference Teams untouched at the top.

SGS College's Louie Tucker is maintaining a 33.5ppg making him the only player to consecutively score over 30+ points his last three games for the season. Itchen’s Tyler Fairbairn 19.8ppg & Abbey’s Nedas Cholevinskas is trailing With 15.7ppg.

It will be interesting to see which of these teams carry on this run. Barking Abbey are presenting themselves as a strong team in the south, their strength and depth in shooting will carry them a long way.

Myerscough has regained some prominence in the north and has not lost a game since their second week loss to SGS College. Myerscough took a 75-54 win over The Sheffield College with top scorer Danislon Caschili leading the way with 22 points.

Derby Trailblazers took ab 87-80 win over The Manchester Magic Academy, Benjamin Hooper lead all scorers with 20 points. A great recovery from their loss to SGS College in week 5.

SGS College travelled north to Newcastle where they would overcome the host team 95-86. Louie Tucker dropped his third thirty point game cashing in 39 points taking his team to victory.

Itchen overpowered The Canterbury Academy with a blow out win 74-45. Top Scorers were Flynn Wake, Tyler Fairbairn, Lucas Scotland and Leslie Okafor all putting up equal numbers with 10 points.

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