Veron Eze is one of the most athletic guards playing in his senior year for Barking Abbey Academy (@abbeynation) and plays with a definitive energy on the court. During the summer, August to be exact, we had a five-day private workout filming session with him and his trainer and witnessed his skillset in person. In an interview style setup just before his workout started on the fourth day, Veron shared some of his aspirations for his leadership role for his final year.

Moving forward three months later, the LLynch Trophy kicks and we were more than excited to see Veron back on the court. In a challenging loss for his opening game against Solent Kestrels 92-72, Veron played a big role in willing his team to stay afloat with their opponent until the pulled away in the fourth quarter. Veron finished the game with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

Catching up with Veron after his first game, here is what he had to say!


1. How does it feel to be back on the court?

Veron Eze

It’s honestly such a blessing to be back on court. With everything that’s going on being back on the court made me really appreciate how lucky I am to be in a position where I can play organised basketball in great facilities. At first I nervous, especially considering one of the hoops at our training court broke off 2 weeks ago so we had to prepare for this game without being able to go up and down and finishing at the rim.

2. What was challenging for you in your first game?

Veron Eze

For me it was challenging having to play a much bigger role on my team but one I enjoyed taking on. Having to be a leader on our Division 1 team playing against well experienced players who are significantly older than me isn’t the easiest task but I’m more than confident that I’m ready for it and that I’m going to continue to improve at it throughout the season.

Video Credit: Basketball England's NBL D1 LLynch Tropgy @bballengland

In Game Photography: Luke Simcock @ls_media_

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