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Women's Elite Academy Basketball League "Battle Of The Conferences. The Race To MVP"


The MVP spotlight shines on Sheffield College's Abbey Whitehouse from the Northern Conference who maintained an average of 22.3 PPG and John Madejski Academy's Carmen Segura Moreno who lead the Southern conference with a 14.3 PPG.

We caught up with the athletes and got into their mindsets about how they appraoch their games.

1. What mindset do you enter your games with?

Carmen segura Moreno

I go to every game with the confidence and the desire to win the game, always thinking about my team and the way we best play. I try to go out without nerves and thinking that the rival team is five players just like us and therefore we are both on equal footing. I try to go out to the court motivated with all my teammates to start with a lot of strength and confidence.

Abbey Whitehouse

I enter games is only to play my hardest every game and do everything I can to help the team to get a win and try to keep a positive mindset throughout the game.


2. How do you maintain your level of consistency throughout the season?

Carmen segura Moreno

I am a person who enjoys every training very much and who always wants to improve. Sometimes I am too critical of myself and until I get a thing I don't stop working on it. For this reason, I work all year long to do my best to always improve something so that I can be better every day.

Abbey Whitehouse

The way I try to maintain my consistency throughout the season is to work hard in every training session which is my main way of maintaining that consistency but also taking care of my body is just as important and I also try to reflect on the game and areas for improvement.


3. When you’re in a slump how do you deal with it?

Carmen segura Moreno

We all have better and worse days. When the worst moments come, such as injuries, I try to think of all the good times in court and everything I enjoy with this sport. Injuries are things that happen in all sports and the best way to deal with them is always being positive and thinking about the best way to recover. In regards to bad games, we are all human beings and we are not perfect, even professionals have bad games, the best way to deal with them is to think about the mistakes you have had that day and try to improve them in training. It is very important not to lose a good and positive mindset.

Abbey Whitehouse

I’ve realised that dwelling on mistakes is never beneficial to a game or to my teammates therefore I try to take the game as one play at a time and try to forget about it until after the game where I can reflect on it and learn from it.

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